1000 Turkeys, 1000 Thanksgivings

“Without it, we wouldn’t have had Thanksgiving.”

As the end of year approaches, most of us find ourselves thinking of family and the wonderful Thanksgiving meal we will share with them. But some members of our community don’t have that luxury. Thousands of Howard County residents do not have access to enough food throughout the year and a traditional Thanksgiving meal is far outside their reach.

The Howard County Food Bank has made it their annual tradition to provide as many full meals as they are able to low-income families so they can enjoy a worry-free holiday. Last year, the Turkey Meal Give-away served hundreds of families with a large ready-to-cook turkey plus two full bags of side items to round out the meal. Grateful families went home with all they needed to enjoy the holiday.

Asked about her experience last year, one mother said she couldn’t have had Thanksgiving without it and that the donations let her enjoy the holiday. “[The Give-away] really helped me and my kids to have a meal for Thanksgiving,” said another. She was thankful that everyone was welcoming and there were many familiar faces helping participants through the process.

“I actually received more than I expected. I really appreciated the help.”

Individual who live with food insecurity often worry about the stigma of needing help.  Participants in last year’s Give-away were not just thankful for the groceries, they also appreciated how easy the process was and its friendly, helpful atmosphere. One parent noted the number of volunteers assisting the participating families. She said it was “beautiful,” and was grateful for the experience. She then brought the groceries home and began preparing for her family’s Thanksgiving Dinner, thankful she had a full meal to serve.

You can help more families enjoy their holiday this year.

The Food Bank has set a goal of 1000 Thanksgivings for 1000 families, but they need your help to reach this goal. Consider giving so that another family can share a Thanksgiving meal with their loved ones.

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