A heart as big as her love for ice cream!

Lily Plotnick really loves ice cream!

Lily Plotnick

When her mom asked her what she would like to do for her 9th birthday party, there was no hesitation – she wanted an ice cream party! Together, the family planned a trip to Turkey Hill Dairy with a few of Lily’s friends. For Lily, the plan was in “best ever” territory; what’s better than trying lots of different flavors right there where the ice cream is made?

Long time Howard County residents Rachel and Daniel Plotnick have done their best to teach their three children what the family can do to help the less fortunate. One yearly tradition centers around Halloween. After an evening of trick or treating, Lily and her older sister Alana each pick their favorite 20 pieces of candy. The rest goes to a charity that gives the candy treats to the homeless. As soon as he’s old enough, baby brother Chip will join in this tradition. The children are also encouraged to give away their old toys, and they participate in charity drives during the holiday season. Giving has become part of their day to day lives.

As she thought about her party, Lily began to think about others. Her heart is as big as her love of ice cream.  “She likes to share and wants everybody to have something. She also really likes ice cream and the idea that somebody wouldn’t have sweets abhorrent,” said Rachel.  Determined to help, Lily decided she’d ask her friends and family to give non-perishable food or money to help others get a good meal. And maybe a nice dessert.

Friends and family responded with $100 and a collection of food donations. The canned goods would go to the Roger Carter Community Center where Lily has her jump rope class. The center was holding its annual food drive and Lily helped bring the cans to the donation site. Rachel consolidated the cash gifts and donated online at Community Action’s website.

Thanks to Lily’s gift to others, a low-income individual will have enough food for over a week.

She really had a great 9th birthday.