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Community Worker- Food Bank (part-time)

General Description:

This position provides services to individuals and families in need of food and to Food Pantries which provide direct services to families and individuals. This position picks up donated food and purchased food, stores it and distributes it to persons through the internal Pantry operation and through Pantry partners.

This position is the agency’s direct contact with the general public in providing emergency food service. This position interfaces with donor businesses and individuals to receive donated foods, the staff of Pantries that partner with the agency, and with the individuals who come to the Food Bank to receive services.

Scope of Work:

• Pick up food products donated by individuals and organizations and purchased by the agency and transport it to the Food Bank.
• Store donated and purchased food products in a safe and secure manner consistence with health regulations.
• Maintain the Food Bank facility in a manner consistent with licensing requirements of the Health Department.
• Distribute TEFAP foods to the Food Pantry partners.
• Manage the internal Pantry operation to distribute food products to eligible individuals.
• Perform other duties as assigned.
Education and Experience:

• High School or equivalent



Center Manager-Head Start Program

General Definition:

Under the supervision of the Director of Education, monitor the overall implementation and design of program activities at the center level by supervising teaching staff, ensuring curriculum implementation, working cooperatively with component area coordinators, adhering to Community Action Council policies and procedures, Maryland Child Care Administration regulations and Head Start Performance Standards, monitoring supply inventory, and providing support and guidance to Head Start parents, guardians, and volunteers with an emphasis on involvement and shared governance procedures.

Scope of Work:

Teaching Staff Supervision
• Assists with the implementation a comprehensive educational program which supports developmentally appropriate practices.
• Implements a curriculum designed to respond to the cultural differences and learning styles of children and families.
• Completes formal and informal observations of teaching staff to ensure the implementation of developmentally appropriate practices, individual planning and instruction, and the adherence to the programs curriculum and educational timeline.
• Provides feedback and appropriate recommendations with a plan for implementation and review with teachers and assistant teachers based on observations and curriculum implementation.
• Provide guidance to teachers and assistant teachers to identify “best practices”.
• Participates in the implementation of the Education Service plan.
• Reviews lesson plans on a bi-weekly basis.
• Monitors the daily responsibilities and reports of teachers and assistant teachers.
• Monitor the completion of mandated home visits, screenings, assessments, and parent-teacher conferences.
• Schedule two observations in including the CLASS for each teacher and
teacher assistant throughout the school year providing feed back and appropriate recommendations.
• Complete the performance appraisal of teaching staff at least once a year.
• Conduct monthly/or more staff meetings to determine classroom needs and teacher concerns.
• Coordinate classroom coverage through parent volunteers, community volunteers, and paid substitutes during staff absence.
• Establish and maintain effective communication between teaching staff and component area coordinators.
• Delegate assignments to appropriate staff relative to program policy and procedures and Head Start Performance Standards.
• Provide all new employees with an orientation to the program.
• Verification of staff timesheet and mileage reports.
• Provide and/or coordinate and assist with all mandated Head Start staff trainings.
• Ensure that all staff has meet the Maryland Child Care Administrations training
requirements for Teacher qualifications and MSDE Certificate Levels.

Component Area Coordination
• Work collaboratively with component area coordinators to ensure that services are provided to children and families.
• Assist with the development of class lists for each program year.
• Provide assistance to teachers in the proper methods for completing the agencies selected screenings and assessment tools.
• Assist the Mental Health and Disability Service Coordinator with the implementation of the Individual Education Plan and the timely completion of referral documentation.
• Assists the Education Coordinator with the collection of the Work Sampling for Head Start Developmental Checklist.
• Through scheduled observations, identifies staff training needs and meets with Education Coordinator to create training plans.
• Monitors daily attendance and submits the completed Daily Absentee Reports to the Head Start Administrative Assistant.
• Review completed ADAs to determine that food service information has been accurately reported. Submit the ADA report on the last day of each month to the Health and Family Services Coordinator.
• Monitor and guide the teaching staff’s ability to follow all established health and safety policies including but not limited to: Emergency Evacuation, Temporary Exclusions, Absenteeism, Food Policy, Medication, Blood Borne Pathogens, and Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Procedures.
• Provide monthly center reports to the Director of Education and Policy Council.
• Approve and disseminate all field trip request information to the appropriate coordinators.
• Assist in the yearly updates of the written service area plans for all component areas.
• Meet with coordinators to monitor program accountability.
Policy and Procedure Implementation
• Prepare and submit all required information to the Maryland Child Care Administration to maintain current licensing status.
• Complete monthly fire drills and health and safety checklists.
• Submit maintenance requests to the Director of Education on an as need basis.
• Monitor the teaching staff’s ability to follow all agency policies and procedures including but not limited to: Standard of Conduct, Grievance Procedures, and Leave Policies.
• Implement the agencies reprimand procedures when guidance and/or disciplinary actions are required.
• In accordance with Performance Standard 1304.51(i)(1) participate in the programs self-assessment by serving as a team leader.

Inventory Monitoring
• Provide the Head Start Administrative Assistant with requests for paper and health products in a timely manner.
• In conjunction with the classroom and office supply budget allocations; complete supply orders based on need and teacher request in accordance to the agencies established Purchase Order time line.

Parent and Volunteer Involvement
• Develops strategies with staff to include parents in the education of their children.
• Communicates with parents the center activities and upcoming events on a monthly basis.
• Supervises parent and community volunteer activities.
• Ensure the environment of acceptance that supports and respects cultural diversity, gender, ethnicity and family composition.
• Attend Center Committee meetings and assists Family Service Workers and elected officials in adhering to established by-laws and shared governance procedures.
• Attend Policy Council meetings.
• Provide an orientation for all program volunteers.
• Assist agency in developing community partnerships.
• Complete and submit monthly in-kind reports.

Perform other duties as assigned.


Family Service Worker – Head Start Program

General Definition:
Under the supervision of the Family Service Coordinator, assist the agency with recruiting and enrolling income eligible children, case management, and establishing family partnership agreements with assigned families.

Assist families in completing the Howard County Head Start Enrollment Application:

  • Complete pre-qualification application and pre-determined financial documentation including Health Inventory, Dental Record, Immunization Record, Emergency card, transportation form and notification to families of enrollment status.
  • Assist Center Manger and teaching staff with placement of enrolled children.
  • Enter enrollment information into the PRO-2000 data system.

Case Management:

  • Monitor center files to ensure that all required information is current.
  • Follow the 90, 60, 30 day notification policy for children who need physicals, dental examinations, or immunizations.
  • Contact parents if children have been absent two or more days or when a referral regarding absenteeism, tardiness, or transportation concerns is submitted.
  • Attend monthly “round” to assist parents with understanding the services that are provided to their child.
  • Refer families in crisis situations to community agencies.
  • Monitor all referrals to determine service delivery.
  • Track all referral information for PIR report yearly.
  • Assist Center Manager with meeting Maryland Child Care Administration regulations.

Family Partnership Agreement:

  • Conduct two scheduled home visits per year with assigned families.
  • Determine family goals, create a timeline for completion, directory of resources for each family.and monitor the family goals on a monthly basis.
  • Assist families in transitioning from Head Start to the Public School System

Parent Involvement:

  • Provide opportunities for parents to participate in center and program level activities.
  • Facilitate Center Committee meetings.
  • Assist Center Committee with understanding and implementing by-laws and shared governance procedures.
  • Based on parents interest secure speakers to attend center committee meetings and parent education sessions.

Education, Experience, and Knowledge:

  • Completion of a four year degree in Social Work, Psychology, Human Development or related field or any equivalent combination of acceptable education and experience which has provided the knowledge, and skills, and abilities as required by the job description.
  • Three years experience working with families of young children.
  • Knowledge of Head Start Performance Standards.
  • Knowledge of local and state referral agencies.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • Social Work, Psychology, Human Development: 1 year

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Human Development or related field


Assistant Teacher – Head Start Program

General Description: Under the supervision of the classroom teacher, assist in providing a learning environment on sound developmentally appropriate practices, health, safety, nutritional procedures, staff, parent, and volunteer involvement.
Scope of Work:
• Participate in the on-going assessments of children including completing observations, portfolio sampling, and developmental checklists.
• Support the individual learning and development of each child by providing an environment which offers developmentally appropriate equipment and materials.
• Be inclusive of children with disabilities by following the child’s Individual Education Plan.
• Assist with the implementation of a daily program which balances adult and child-initiated activities in both large and small group, indoor and outdoor play, and timely and predictable transitions.
• Collaborate with the teacher to develop and implement lesson plans based on the agencies Unit and Theme Calendar with an emphasis on the eight domains of learning and Head Start Mandated Child Outcomes.
• Provide opportunities for creative self-expression through the use of art, music, movement, and dramatic play.
• Support the social and emotional development of each child by building trust, fostering independence, encouraging self-confidence, and supporting positive adult and peer relationships.• Encourage positive guidance by setting clear, consistent limits, and having realistic expectations.
• Support the home language, culture, and family composition of each child by encouraging the feelings and rights of others.
Education, Experience, and Knowledge:
• Must hold a child development associate (CDA) credential.
• Must have all required education and experience to meet current Maryland Office of Child Care Administration requirements for qualifications.
• Must have knowledge of Maryland Office of Child Care Administration regulations.
• Must participate in continued professional development through enrollment in formal and informal educational courses related to early childhood education.
• Must participate in all required core of knowledge workshops and/or educational courses, and professional activity units to meet the Maryland Office of Child Care requirements for the Maryland Child Care Credential of level 3 or higher.
• Comply with all Head Start Performance Standards and Maryland State Department of Education Accreditation Standards.
Required experience:
• Assistant Teacher or Teacher’s Aide experience – Head Start/Preschool: 2 years
Required license or certification:
• Must hold a child development associate (CDA) credential.


Weatherization / HVAC Contractors Wanted (Central MD)
Compensation: to be negotiated
Community Action Council of Howard County invites all qualified Weatherization and HVAC contractors to present their qualifications to be included on our roster of approved contractors. Applicants should be aware of and possess the appropriate credentials necessary to perform work under the MD DHCD Weatherization Assistance Program. Please send us your companies resume including a list of WAP program experience and references. Provide contact information so that we may send our formal RFP (Request for Proposal) which must be completed and returned by April 1, 2017.


Ongoing Weatherization Support

The Weatherization Department of Community Action Council of Howard County MD is seeking bidders for weatherization projects and heating replacements. The work is funded through various grants and covers Central Maryland. Any qualified contractors interested in finding out more about this opportunity should email us at to receive a detailed RFP.