Fresh Fruits and Vegtables...

thanks to Coastal Sunbelt

Fruits and Vegetables are Always in Season at the Howard County Food Bank

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There’s a good reason parents tell their children to eat more fruits and vegetables – they are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, and they are low in calories. In other words, fresh produce can do wonders for our health and waistlines.


That’s why the Howard County Food Bank is very grateful to local farmers and individuals who donate produce, and for the volunteers who grow vegetables in the food bank’s Long Reach Garden Plot in Columbia.


Since the food bank’s move to Gerwig Lane in Columbia last November, multiple refrigerated spaces have increased the food bank’s capacity to store fresh produce. Thanks in large part to the enormous donations of Coastal Sunbelt Produce in Laurel, the food bank’s refrigerated storage facilities are better stocked than ever. In the last five months, Coastal Sunbelt Produce has donated 15,500 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to the food bank.  This produce is very high quality and is delivered year-round, according to CAC’s Director of Food Services Phillip Dodge.


In addition to its work serving food to restaurant chains, hotels, and food service establishments, Coastal Sunbelt Produce nourishes the community through its generous donations. Thanks so much for expanding the food bank’s capacity to provide low-income people a wide variety of nutritious, delicious food.


Anyone interested in donating food, particularly produce, should bring them to 9385 Gerwig Lane in Columbia.  Visit OUR WEBSITE for donation hours. Anyone interested in donations should go to our DONATION PAGE.