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Staff Champions

CAC Champions

Each CAC team member strives for excellence in CAC’s quest to enable others to enhance the quality of their lives and to share in the promise and opportunity of our community. Each quarter we recognize CAC Champions who, like so many other employees at CAC, have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their work.


This quarter the special recognition goes to the following individuals:


Darago.pixAlbert Darago – FISCAL

Albert has been instrumental in endeavors such as the implementation of electronic bill pay, has interfaced on all of the new food bank building’s procurement process, and has quickly become a valuable member of the Fiscal Team. Here’s what Anne Brinker said about him, “I cannot say enough great things about Albert.  He embodies the spirit of service integration, service to others, efficiency, and customer service. He is tremendous and I hope others are being influenced by him.”




Ivette runs the front desk at Gateway for basically the whole office.  Many of the clients know her by name and look for her.  During incredibly busy days, Ivette gets the clients processed and seen quickly and efficiently.  She is the first face the clients see and sets the tone for our office.  It would be very difficult to replace her.


SteinBeth Stein – RAPID RESPONSE

Beth has been an asset to the Rapid Response Team since her hiring.  She makes sure the team is fully compliant with grant requirements, the clients in the lobby are served quickly, and her team  is focused and engaged.  She is committed to making sure that her staff is fully trained and knowledgeable of all programs that are available to clients.  She is always available to support the community workers with any challenging issues that arise.  She seeks additional training for herself and her team. She then applies what she learns to both her job and her approach to helping CAC meet its mission. She is fully committed to what she does and the clients, and always acts with a great heart and professionalism.


WeathizationShannon Abdelghani, David Evans, Joy Riley – WEATHERIZATION

In the three months that Shannon and Joy have been with the Weatherization Department, they have demonstrated great initiative in learning the detailed and sometimes complex process of navigating this department.  They have each completed six clients in this short period.  This is an amazing level of proficiency.

David continues to be a principal component to the success of the Weatherization Department.  When the department lost an employee, David absorbed her work load, which included mainly clients who had unresolved issues.  As a senior member of the department, David is always there to assist in strategizing and problem solving.

David, Shannon and Joy go above and beyond to provide outstanding service.