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CAC Champions

Each CAC team member strives for excellence in CAC’s quest to enable others to enhance the quality of their lives and to share in the promise and opportunity of our community.  Each quarter we recognize CAC Champions who, like so many other employees at CAC, have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their work.

This quarter special recognition goes to the following individuals: Catherine Kinyanjui, Feben Moges, Valerie Souder, Thekisha Towns. 

Catherine3Catherine Kinyanjui – FISCAL

Catherine Kinyanjui does an incredible job managing the Education Department’s fiscal affairs and accepts new assignments without hesitation. In addition, Ms. Kinyanjui is very knowledgeable about her job and performs it professionally. She is always willing to help teammates and other staff no matter how busy she is. Ms. Kinyanjui goes way beyond what is expected and demonstrates her belief in the CAC mission by the care she shows for its clients and staff.


Feben1Feben Moges – RAPID RESPONSE
Community worker Feben Moges has been an asset to the Rapid Response team from the day she came aboard. She is excellent with clients, gets her work done on time, and processes the second highest number of completed energy cases. Ms. Moges takes on extra work as needed, never letting the additional load impede her regular cases. She always keeps a professional attitude and demeanor with both clients and staff. In addition, Ms. Moges’ work is thorough and rarely needs corrections.


Transportation Coordinator Valerie Souder is an advocate for her team as well as the children who attend Head Start. Ms. Souder encourages the Transportation Team to be efficient and timely. She makes herself available to answer staff questions and often comes up with solutions to issues that arise for families.



KishaThekisha Towns – HEAD START
Thekisha Towns, the Ellicott City Head Start Center manager, consistently seeks opportunities to help her teachers, staff, and families be successful. She spends time beyond the typical work hours communicating with parents to overcome barriers that may affect enrollment or transportation. Ms. Towns is devoted to her work and makes every effort to meet Head Start performance standards that support the needs of her students, families, and staff.