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CAC Champions

Each CAC team member strives for excellence in CAC’s quest to enable others to enhance the quality of their lives and to share in the promise and opportunity of our community.  Each quarter we recognize CAC Champions who, like so many other employees at CAC, have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their work.

This quarter special recognition goes to the following individuals: Leslie Aguirre, Donald Corbin, Michelle Farris, Mary Ann Gardes, Arica Pinkney, and Kathy True.


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Leslie Aguirre – HEAD START
Leslie Aguirre has been an outstanding CAC employee for 26 years. After starting as a bus monitor, she was promoted to assistant teacher. She inspires children and is particularly good at motivating them to be creative.


Don Corbin2Donald Corbin – HEAD START
For several months, Donald Corbin has been serving in two important capacities with ease – as Head Start education coordinator and interim Head Start center manager at First Presbyterian and Old Cedar Lane. In July, he led a team that successfully completed getting First Presbyterian Head Start through the Maryland State Department of Education’s Maryland Excels program with the highest possible score of 5 and MSDE’s Early Childhood Education Accreditation process. Mr. Corbin is always pleasant, courteous, and welcoming to CAC staff members and partnering agencies, and is considered to be an exemplary role model for HS staff, students and families.


Michelle 2

Michelle Farris – RAPID RESPONSE
For many years, Michelle Farris has been a committed, dedicated CAC case worker. She is currently the only member of the Rapid Response team who finalizes and submits the team’s Emergency Assistance for Families with Children (EAFC) grants. Finalizing and submitting these grants is a time-consuming additional task, yet Michelle processes the highest number of other cases on the team.


Mary AnnMary Ann Gardes – ADMINISTRATION
Mary Ann Gardes is always there to help her fellow co-workers streamline systems; manipulate CAC’s database in ways she has not done before; identify cracks in software usage and efficiency; research ways to best use systems CAC does not have; and uncover challenging issues. These abilities enable other employees to act strategically. Ms. Gardes consistently shows a “can-do” attitude and handles projects quickly.


Arica 1Arica Pinkney – RAPID RESPONSE – DREAM $AVERS
Well organized and knowledgeable are two of Arica Pinkney’s qualities. She welcomes all questions and provides thorough information to her team and clients. Ms. Pinkney engages employees and clients in helpful and encouraging ways. She consistently supports her clients and shares in the joys of their successes. She is an empowering coach to her clients and overall kind person.




Kathy True is always accommodating and works extremely hard to fulfill her responsibilities and complete any and all tasks. Ms. True is truly devoted to helping our clients. She is dedicated to solving problems, finding solutions, and keeping everyone satisfied, all the while maintaining an awesome sense of humor. She goes above and beyond the call of duty by serving on the Staff Advisory Group and CAP60 SME User Group. She often works nights and weekends to ensure deadlines are met. Kathy really is our “Super Woman.”