Thank you for your support to our community and residents. It takes a very special person with a huge heart to go that extra mile to help people in need. I have had the pleasure to work with your staff and applaud you all.

Monarch Mills staff member

I want to say thank you for all of your help during a very difficult time in my life. Your caring nature reminded me to stay strong, and believe that God is sovereign! You helped me so much more than I can say! Thank you again and bless you always!

Energy Client

My sincere thank you from my wife and son and myself. Thank you for your kindness for the Food Bank this year and for the wonderful holiday food giveaway. I was diagnosed several months ago with kidney disease that the hospital thinks is caused by my diabetes medications. Next year, if you need another volunteer for the holiday giveaways, I would be glad to help. Thank you!

Food Bank Client

I wanted to take the time to thank you for helping me and my kids through a very difficult time. Our power was cut off on August 19th. On August 21st it was restored. This would not have been possible without your efficiency and knowledge of your job. Not only that, you were very kind and understanding. We should also thank CAC its dedicated people who make things happen for families who are going through rough times. As someone who has worked in public service for years, I understand that at times we are often overlooked and under appreciated by those we help and those we work for. I hope this letter of appreciation is shared with your clients and staff. You truly deserve it.

Energy Client