For 50 years, CAC has been providing a hand-up to Howard County citizens in need.  We provide services that are integrated, comprehensive and empowering. It is only with the help of our community partners, our community supporters, our volunteers and our hard working staff that we are able to meet the ever-growing needs of the clients we serve every day.  Our professional staff and the programs they are associated with are listed below. 


Stephanie Blades
Executive Assistant

Anne Brinker
Director of Operations

Gary Christopher
Director of Weatherization

Albert Darago
Fiscal Assistant

Bita Dayhoff


Deborah Downs-Lynch
Director of Human Resources

Director of Resource Development

Mary Ann Gardes
Data Quality Analyst

Grants Manager

Alice Harris
Director of Education




Catherine Kinyanjui
Accounts Manager

Skip Klauka
Director of Finance

Joanna Martin
Fiscal Assistant

Sarah Schindehette
Volunteer Coordinator

Ivette Rosa

Gladys Staton
Fiscal Manager



Housing & Energy:
Coordinator: Beth Stein

Shannon Abelghani
Weatherization Community Worker

Susan Argento
Records Clerk

Janelle Clements
Community Worker

Sue Coleman
Records Clerk

David Evans
Weatherization Community Worker

Michelle Farris
Community Worker

Faye Glover
Community Worker


Marlene Lomax
Internal Auditor

Feben Moges
Community Worker

Arica Pinkney
Community Worker

Joy Riley
Weatherization Community Worker

Robin Stimson
Community Worker

Kathy True
Weatherization Program Coordinator

DeAtlas White-Pigford
Community Worker

Food Bank:
Coordinator: Phillip Dodge

Kevin Berry
Community Worker

Mara Castelbaum

Brian Ellis
Community Worker

Jay Guzzone
Community Worker

Renee Jefferson
Community Worker

Bishop Williams
Warehouse Manager

Head Start: 

Marsha Alicea

Lisa Blankfard
Disabilities Coordinator

Keith Bost

George Branch

Donald Corbin
Education Coordinator

Juana Espinal
Bus Monitor

Gwen Hebron
Family Service Worker

Fayanna Hodge
First Presbyterian & Old Cedar Lane Center Manager


Joanna Lake
Special Projects

Alia Lewis
Bus Monitor

Brittney Marshall
Bus Monitor

Health Assistant

Patricia McLean
Family Service Worker

Helen Ortiz-Jesus
Family Service Worker

Wilma Peery
Bus Monitor

Marsha Polits
Administrative Assistant


Dorcas Schindehette
Family Service Worker

Ed Shields
Dasher Green Center Manager

Valerie Souder
Transportation Coordinator

Bridgette Staton
Family Service Worker

TheKisha Towns
Ellicott City Center Manager


Teaching Staff: 

Paulina Aberdeen-Sealey
Leslie Aguirre
Michelle Allen
Amira Anderson
Gwendolyn Atkins
Kimberly Braunstein
Janiecka Brown
Tiffany Cook
Bhadra Desai


Emily Dwyer
Mary Edwards
Robin Harmon
Joyce Harris
Maria Irizarry
Sondenia Johnson
Karen Kastel
Gurdeep Kaur
Kyong Kim


Shawne Lester-Young
Margaret Middleton
Madhavi Pottimutyalagari
Shahazadi Sayeed
Tyshelle Smalls
Ria Spence
Maria Stone
Shanice White
Virginia Yost